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Design Assessment

$375 USD

(Plus applicable taxes)

The Design Assessment is a great place to start. It can be used as a guide to where your next steps will be. After reviewing your Design Assessment, you will be able to decide if this something you can use to move in your project on your own or help you decide if Rejuvenated Habitat can help you move on reach your desired goals.

Included in the Design Assessment:

  • Mood Board - This is a visual of the mood you are trying to create. This can help with creating a color scheme and concept board.
  • Color Scheme board. A detailed visual tool to use for putting colors together in your space.
  • Concept Board- This will be filled with ideas to pull the look and feel of the space together.
  • Detailed notes, discussing the challenges of the space and possible solutions.

Next steps:

After purchasing the Design Assessment, you will receive our welcome package. Included in the welcome package is a design questionnaire that we ask you to fill out and submit and instructions for measuring your space and uploading photos. You will also be asked to select a convenient date for a virtual meeting.


The Design Assessment is a tool to use to start your design project. You will be able to use this to for guidance in shopping for yourself or hiring us to assist you further in your project. Rejuvenated Habitat is not responsible for final choices that are made or any items that may no longer be available or on sale.